Trends that shape our work

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Rich Visual Data

In the past decade, data has evolved from text and images to richer types like geo-locations, 3D models, immersive photos, and point-clouds. To unlock the true potential of these visual data currencies, specialized software engines are essential.

Unlike relying on third-party solutions or costly SaaS platforms, we have developed our own 3D engines and 360º media viewers, ensuring strategic ownership over projects. With our technology, we handle sensitive private data securely, support intranet or offline operations, provide unique features, and avoid extra costs, risks, and copyright issues.

You will be amazed with what we can do on screen! Did that sound too weird?! 🙂

Sustainable Kiosks

After years of exclusively developing solutions for online environments our Clients now seek interactive kiosks for various settings, such as events, showrooms, shops, museums, and corporate headquarters.

We embraced the challenge with ambitious goals in mind:

  • Very low or no maintenance required
  • Easy replacement of components (e.g. 3D printed)
  • Full compatibility with our advanced viewers
  • Support for sensors beyond USB/RJ45 interfaces
  • IoT ready enabling integration with other systems

Our physical experiences are future-proof and ready to impress clients. We're not selling hardware and maintenance plans... our focus is delivering exceptional value!

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Immersive Meetings

The world has changed with the Covid-19 pandemic, and one thing is clear: video conferencing is here to stay. At our company, having been pioneers in virtual and immersive experiences for over a decade, we constantly explore the next frontiers. And one answer stands out: Humanization!

During the pandemic, we evolved our core technologies and viewers to seamlessly merge video calls with our immersive experiences, giving rise to truly guided virtual tours. Now, participants can enjoy a unique and collaborative way to remotely explore buildings, museums, headquarters, factories, landscapes... the world.

This is the next best thing to being there... and sometimes, it's even better. Shhhhhh 😉

Internet of Things

IoT embodies the powerful technological forces that Kevin Kelly, founding executive director of Wired magazine, outlined in his prophetic book, 'The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future':

  • Cognifying: Making everything smarter using AI that we get from the cloud
  • Flowing: Depending on unstoppable streams in real time for everything
  • Accessing: Go from owning assets to having access to services at all times
  • Filtering: Harnessing intense personalization in order to anticipate our desires
  • Tracking: Employing total surveillance for the benefit of citizens and consumers

That's why our interactive kiosks are IoT-ready and user-friendly, because this is the reality where they will live on... and so will we!

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3decide | AI
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made remarkable strides over the past few decades. From IBM's Deep Blue defeating Garry Kasparov in 1997 to Google's Alpha Go and the influential 2015 letter signed by Stephen Hawking and AI experts, AI's societal impacts are impossible to ignore.

At our company, we embrace the power of AI and collaborate with leading institutions like LIACC, one of the major national laboratories. We are committed to continually push the boundaries of our solutions, exploring new possibilities of smarter tours and beyond.

Can you imagine the potential of AI-enhanced experiences and platforms?! We certainly do! 😉

Data Visualization

Organizations have vast amounts of data lying around inside their servers and databases with untapped transformative power. However, data alone does not translate into knowledge!

That's where we come in, through close collaboration with our clients, we create custom data visualizations and tools that effectively explore and present insights to diverse stakeholders, in effective and attractive ways.

Beyond off-the-shelf solutions, we delve deeper. Our expertise extends to combining data visualizations with multimedia viewers, interactive kiosks, and IoT sensors.

Together, let's bring your data-driven vision to life!

3decide | Data Visualization
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Marketing 5.0

Marketing applied to the digital world has evolved significantly and strategies based on ads alone and traditional conversion funnels are being entirely re-engineered to incorporate content marketing and personalized multi-channel interactions.

Our tailored approach understands the power of digital storytelling, the importance of analytics to better drive strategies, and the need to seamless integrate with other APIs (e.g., CRMs) to create engaging and memorable touchpoints between brands and clients.

Let us transform how your clients learn about your products and services, accelerating the sales cycle. It's not about reinventing the wheel... but are you using the right ones?! 🙂

Digital Twins

Digital Twins are the latest trend capturing everyone's attention, and as a company with a decade of experience, we have valuable insights to share.

From our early beginnings, we envisioned connecting the representation of physical spaces through 3D models and immersive panoramas with online platforms. Our unique approach and advanced viewers allows us to connect these digital twins in real-time with various data feeds, tailored to your business needs.

But beyond having a digital twin, it's crucial to understand its purpose, target audience, use cases, and user interactions. Whether you need as-built documentation in a DAM, want to promote premium real estate assets, engage customers through virtual showrooms, or educate children about heritage sites, we've got you covered!

Do you have a digital twin? Who knows, maybe it exists somewhere in the Metaverse! 😉

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