With over 10 years of experience and 100+ successful projects, we bring a wealth of expertise to every endeavor.

Humans are wired for visuals! Our brains process visual information faster and more efficiently than text. Look around, and you'll find yourself immersed in visual platforms like Youtube, Google Maps, Facebook, and Instagram, seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, with visuals constituting 90% of the information transmitted to our minds.

The emergence of new visual data currencies such as geo-locations, 3D models, immersive photos, and point-clouds has transformed the business landscape. And organizations of all sizes now require assistance in adapting to this visual revolution. They need technologies, processes, knowledge, and guidance to strategically harness the power of visuals in their operations and engage global audiences.

At 3Decide, we understand the significance of the visual revolution and are here to support businesses in embracing this new reality. Our expertise and solutions empower organizations to navigate the changing landscape, unlock the potential of visual technologies, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Today's digital solutions need to work everywhere for everyone and handle richer data, including geo-locations, three-dimensional models, immersive photos, and point-clouds. This demands a new generation of software that is easier and faster to use, focused on providing exceptional user experiences and connected to our human senses.

What was once considered Multimedia, the realm of creative minds and content producers, is now fused like never before with the IT landscape. Memorable experiences are now essential, combining visual appeal with functional integration into the tools and workflows that drive success in competitive global markets.

At 3Decide, we focus on the core areas of every business: Management, Marketing, and Sales. We enable businesses explore and take advantage of these new possibilities, from small Virtual Tours to complex enterprise Web Portals. With over 10 years of experience, we have developed the know-how and technologies to serve our customers quickly and securely, optimizing costs and mitigating risks.


3Decide specializes in delivering hi-tech visual solutions that transform how businesses connect with their audience and achieve their goals, both online and in physical spaces.

Virtual and Immersive Experiences: We create captivating virtual tours and immersive presentations that transport viewers to new worlds. Whether it's exploring architectural marvels, showcasing real estate properties, or bringing historical landmarks to life, our virtual experiences offer a level of engagement that is second to none. With seamless integration of multimedia elements, such as 3D models, immersive photos, and point-clouds, we deliver immersive storytelling that leaves a lasting impression.

Visual Information Systems: We understand the importance of data visualization in unlocking the true potential of your organization's data. Our custom visualizations and dashboards help you gain insights, make informed decisions, and communicate complex information effectively. By harnessing the power of geo-locations, three-dimensional models, and other visual data currencies, we empower you to see and understand your data like never before.

Interactive Experiences: Our interactive solutions bridge the gap between businesses and their target audience, providing memorable touchpoints that leave a lasting impact. From interactive kiosks that engage visitors at events and showrooms to tailor-made experiences for brand activation initiatives and museums, we create interactive environments that captivate and delight. By integrating multimedia viewers, IoT sensors, and other technologies, we bring together the physical and digital realms to deliver seamless and immersive interactions.

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Let 3Decide be your trusted partner in building solutions that set you apart! Embrace the "Visual Revolution" and foresee the future with us!


Creates kiosks with video mapping on 3D terrain model for Geopark Estrela

Develops kiosks with 3D Interactive Models and Object Recognition

Blends eCommerce and Virtual Tours / Booking in the Tourism sector

Partners with I Love Brides to apply VR solutions to the Weddings Industry


Develops cutting edge kiosks with touchless interfaces (Covid19 Pandemic)

Reanimates digital experiences for Nisa Museum with more than a decade

Partners with Valsteam on a Virtual Selling Experience with 360 and 3D

Partners with PetMaxi to create a VR Headset presentation of the company


Creates VR / AR experiences promoting the Natural Park of Gerês

Works with Rota do Romanico e Bairro dos Livros in sensorial experiences

Join forces with LIACC (AI Laboratory) in innovative national projects

Launches immersive virtual tour for the landmarks in Covilhã


Debuts CM Porto digital experiences in ExpoReal and MIPIM

Develops the Creative Industries Observatory web platform with FLUP

Join forces with LIACC (AI Laboratory) in innovative national projects


Creates 3D Model for VR Experience based on Point Clouds and LIDAR

Join forces with Metamorphic for interactive epigraphy experiences

Creates the Virtual Tour for LIPOR (major national company)


Works with DRCN and Metamorphic in 3D innovative heritage surveys

Develops an interactive experience for the Ciência Viva museums


Starts working with NOS a major national telecom group

Works with Lucios in the documentation of a big construction site


Launches Porto Business School immersive presentation (3D / 360 / Maps)

Surveys more than 100 buildings reaching a total of 100.000m2 (2D, 3D, 360º)

Recognized as a graduated startup by UPTEC (major national incubator)


Wins the silver prize "GRAND PRIX DU MOYEN METRAGE" by ICOM


Covers in 360 Photos the Anti-Troika public events in Lisbon

Launches Alive Panoramics an online platform for creating 360 virtual tours


Attends FITUR in Madrid, a major european tourism trade fair

Presents research at Eurographics on 3D Procedural Modeling of Cities

Wins second place in the National Prize for the Creative Industries


Advanced services combined with a large collection of new options.

3Decide is born as a startup focused on Urban 3D

Knowledge sharing with the broader development ecosystem.

Paris, France

Partnership with ESRI to promote the newly acquired City Engine

Keyspeaker in events such as The Entrepeneur and Polaris Future Cities